Grandmother fetching unclean water
Far too many people are forced to collect and use unsafe drinking water despite the fact that clean water is available underground if only they had the means to reach it...
women at a well Zambia3
Turning Wine Into Water strives to make clean water available to all under their motto...where there’s a will, there’s a well...

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Boston College Alumni Association Wine Tasting

Saturday, November 2, 2019 through Saturday, November 2, 2019

5:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Please join with BC friends and alumni to support Turning Wine Into Water (TWIW) in their mission to provide clean water sources for the poorest of the poor.

The Global Problem...

Each day, more than a billion of the world’s poorest people walk long distances to obtain the water they need to survive. Far too many lack the energy or resources to collect clean water and are forced to use contaminated sources nearby. As many as 26,000 children under the age of five die every day because they do not have access to clean water.

Each of these 26,000 deaths is preventable. We don't need to wait for a cure or a vaccine or a piece of cutting-edge technology. Clean water can be made available to those in need if WE have the will to make it a reality.

The Local Solution...

At Turning Wine Into Water our mission is to finance the building of sustainable water and sanitation facilities in the poorest regions of the world through wine-related events.

Since our inception in 2005, we have helped more the 5,500 people gain access to clean water. This year, we hope to help far more.